2017 Bay Area CISM Team Summit

The 16th annual Bay Area CISM Team Summit will take place Friday, June 16th, 2017 at West Valley College. This year’s theme is “Circles of Response – Circles of Care.” Refreshments and and lunch will be provided. No fees – costs are covered by a grant from West Valley College.

Download flyer (PDF)


Our Summit is a time to gather together, share innovative tools for managing stress, making meaning from the trauma, and discovering a net of connection and mutual support. Join us to:

  • Explore Challenges and Successes for CISM Teams
  • Create and Establish Mutual Aid Agreements
  • Delineate Specific Disciplines and Specific Response Needs

To register for the 2017 CISM Summit please email us at cismsummit@gmail.com  or call  Janet Childs at 408-278-2512.

Sponsored by West Valley College and The Bill Wilson Center/Centre for Living with Dying.

Summit brainstorming

2017 Summit is Underway!




Photos of attendees and, yes, candles with origami cranes folded with love by Janet Childs.


Just a few of our summit brainstorming papers, which we will transcribe here.


Law enforcement personnel at the summit lighting a candle in memory of SJPD LoDD Mike Katherman.


We are wrapping up the Summit and showing the site now. We will be posting the results of our brainstorming, so you can steal our best ideas.