14 Important Articles Regarding Critical Incident Stress Response


  1. About Suicide: Why It Occurs, and Common Feelings of Suicide Aftermath.
  2. Critical Incident Stress Management: Prevention, Intervention, Support, Education.
  3. Death and Trauma Notification: For Children and Youth.
  4. Understanding Family Dynamics: For Emergency Responders and Caregivers .
  5. Frozen Moments: Working to Replace Unresolved Trauma with Positive Memories.
  6. Your Caring Presence: Providing Support to Others Facing Crisis.
  7. Reactions in the Aftermath of a Critical Incident: Immediate, Long Term, and Anniversary Reactions.
  8. Stress: Understanding and Coping
  9. The Conspiracy of Silence: Tools for Opening Discussion Around Trauma to Combat the Conspiracy of Silence.
  10. The Stress Response: Making Meaning Out of Critical Incidents.
  11. The Stress Cycle: Perception Vs. The Event.
  12. Coping: Tools for Dealing With Everyday Feelings and Realities After Critical Incidents.
  13. When a Crisis Occurs: What Feelings You May Face, and What You Can Do About It.
  14.  Four Steps to Healing: Acknowledge, Express, Act, Celebrate.